Announcing the WIDB 50th Anniversary Reunion Set For June 26-28 2020 !

WIDB turns 50 in 2020 so we will re-unite and celebrate June 26-27-28 in Carbondale and Giant City!

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Your hard-working reunion committee is already rising to the challenge!  WIDB’s 50th will have something for everyone ages 18-70!  Old friends, music, the splendor of Giant City in June, re-visiting C’dale and WIDB, and this one should be the BEST REUNION YET!

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It’s never too early to mark your calendars for the only reunion “between the eclipses” June 26-27-28 in C’dale and Giant City!    Remember that many wished they came days early and/or stayed late, so this is the time to plan extra days.

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Your hard-working 50th Anniversary Committee

45 years of WIDB has been celebrated – early reports say a good time was had by all

WIDB45-Drew001-post dinner group shot

As the last straglers are leaving Giant City we can close the book an another WIDB reunion. Based on the smiles, laughter and endless stories it appears that 45 was a big success. If you weren’t here this year, I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone that did attend they’ll suggest you do everything you can to make it the 50th in 2020.

We have lots of pictures coming soon, but here are a few to get us started. These photos are courtesy of Drew Swim. Click any pic to enlarge.

WIDB45-Drew043-open house


WIDB45-Drew055-open houseWIDB45-Drew041-open house WIDB45-Drew092-picnic WIDB45-Drew096-picnic-softball

WIDB45-Drew023-pinch WIDB45-Drew086-open house

WIDB45-Drew072-open house


WIDB45-Drew082-open house WIDB45-Drew006-open house group WIDB45-Drew099-picnic-softball

Drew, thanks for being so diligent with the camera and taking so many great shots. We’re looking forward to seeing pictures from everyone that attended.

Pokeys Ride Roughshod Over Gumbys

6/27/15 Giant City State Park, Makanda, IL

Gumby Rides PokeyGumby Celebrates Loss

For the first time in almost two decades weather conditions were pleasurable at
Picnic Area 5(1) Ballpark for the quin-annual 16 inch softball grudge match.
Teams featured were the league leading Pokeys and the In Da Basement Gumbys.


The grandstands were packed and a full seven inning regulation event began with a severely abbreviated national anthem and verbal fireworks.

The Pokeys took to the field with their famous “Deep Space Nine” lineup while the Gumbys just horse played around seeming to wander the field aimlessly.
Later innings featured several high scoring frames prompting the Pokeys
Charlie “Big Slugger” Clark to extort – “We Injured Da Ball.”

Fans exiting the ballpark post game were heard chanting
“We want a pitcher not a belly itcher!”
Losing Gumbys pitcher Gary West grumbled
“Our fans are just a bunch of Wild Irresponsible Drunken Buffoons”
adding plenty of fuel to the fire for the next Gumby/Pokey game in 2020.

Some More Pictures from the 45th Anniversary Reunion Sh’bang

It’s time to dip into some more pictures from the 45th Anniversary Reunion. Thanks to Steve Meisner, Ray Vallone, Kathleen Funk Linton, and John Amberg for the use of your snaps. Click any pic to enlarge.


These three were there!

WIDB45-KFunkLinton099-picnic-4 guys

So were these four!


Hey look! These four people were there too!

WIDB45-KFunkLinton025-six guys

Four of these six guys were there. Oh wait, the other two made it too! But at least one of them was also on an entirely different plane at the same time (HINT: he’s not wearing a hat).


And these two. They both made it. And here they are at Pinch Penny.

WIDB45-SteveMeisner002-open house

Wait a minute – these people made it to the reunion too? And they were at the open house? The guy in the back appears to be stealing a bunch of albums.

WIDB45-RayVallone001-Ray and Jim Jam

It wouldn’t be an IDB reunion without at least one fez. And there were several this year. And these two. They were there too. If you’re counting, I think the guy was on the right was in the picture above this one. The guy in the back was actually that blurry in real life. It was weird.

WIDB45-KFunkLinton005-call-in show

These two guys were even on the TV! And they took calls. And there was spontaneous singing.

WIDB45-JohnAmberg003-3 guys

It’s the Human Reunion Centipede. Hey wait a minute, we’ve already seen these three guys. And of course, there was a special visit from the Fezley Cup…


That’s another taste of the 45th reunion. A whole boatload of pictures coming soon. Thanks again John, Kathleen, Ray, and Steve for the use of your pics. Looking forward to seeing even more pics taken at the reunion (keeping in mind the Iron Clad Agreement, of course).