A Former GM is taking a look at the make-up of college stations

Lucas McCallister, former GM and Chief Engineer,
has published his first honest-to-goodness article…
“Analyzing College Radio in 2012 – A Study of Different Station Structures
Part of his Masters Thesis, it appears that it’s also part of a bigger article that he’s hoping to have peer-reviewed for publication. I, for one, am looking forward to reading it!

Well done, Lucas.

Post Script from the author:
Looking back on it now, I’d say that the research that I did for my study was one of the most eye-opening things I did involving WIDB. We all know the college radio station archetype, but it’s really different to talk to other stations, managers, and students in the same boat. One of the things WIDB always seems to deal with is the yearly rebuilding of the wheel – managers getting their sea legs and new DJs learning the ropes.

The reunion is a bit of the same experience -
Oh, you tried to re-engineer the studio too?
Oh, there was a previous time we (fill in the blank here with some management decision)?

Here’s what I recommend to any new WIDB’er reading this:
1) Try and learn from previous actions of our station or others -
talk to WIDB Alums or read some literature on management and organizations.
2) Don’t take it too seriously, and
3) Treasure it. You’ll be surprised where it all becomes useful later on.

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