About Us

The WIDB Reunion Committee hosts this site and organizes a reunion in C’dale and Giant City every five years. A dozen former WIDB’ers, who agree, to a person, that WIDB was one of the best experiences of their lives comprise the WIDB Reunion Committee.

WIDB has always served students’ musical and social needs. Over 40+ years, wonderful bonds have been created and experiences shared that have forever changed those who have devoted their time there. It is in that spirit that we, at WIDBnetwork.org, encourage all WIDB’ers who had that same “coming of age” experience to engage on this website.

WIDBnetwork.org is for you to remember, relive and relay those feelings not just to one another, but to those who have yet to feel the camaraderie, sense of purpose and satisfaction of a group effort that results in reaching a common goal. This essential spirit continues with all of us, helps fuel daily existence, and provides a common bond, regardless of when we worked at WIDB.

Today, a third generation of students continues to build WIDB.
We at WIDBnetwork.org will continue to connect the past to the future.

But of course, we are never satisfied.
Tell us how we can do better but remember the WIDB tradition:
If you have a great idea, you may end up in charge of executing it.

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