Devo! Utopia! REM! and plenty more: it’s Heavy Rotation at WIDB in 1982!

Here’s a look at what WIDB was playing almost thirty years ago. This one is from the Ken Krause (Music Director) and Dan Manella (Program Director) era and includes many artists that were WIDB staples well into the 80′s and beyond. You can look at rest of the playlist (including the 1982 Year end top 20 as voted by the WIDB jocks) and plenty of other playlists over the years in the playlist archives.

For the record, “Gonzo” LPs received 8 cuts of play per 4-hour shift, Medium or “Emphasis” LPs–consisting of newer or not-as-strong artists- -had 5 per shift, and New & Recurrent (older Gonzo and select Emphasis) received 4. Records were moved to the back of the rack after airplay to assure diversity as well as minimize repetition