Pokeys Ride Roughshod Over Gumbys

6/27/15 Giant City State Park, Makanda, IL

Gumby Rides PokeyGumby Celebrates Loss

For the first time in almost two decades weather conditions were pleasurable at
Picnic Area 5(1) Ballpark for the quin-annual 16 inch softball grudge match.
Teams featured were the league leading Pokeys and the In Da Basement Gumbys.


The grandstands were packed and a full seven inning regulation event began with a severely abbreviated national anthem and verbal fireworks.

The Pokeys took to the field with their famous “Deep Space Nine” lineup while the Gumbys just horse played around seeming to wander the field aimlessly.
Later innings featured several high scoring frames prompting the Pokeys
Charlie “Big Slugger” Clark to extort – “We Injured Da Ball.”

Fans exiting the ballpark post game were heard chanting
“We want a pitcher not a belly itcher!”
Losing Gumbys pitcher Gary West grumbled
“Our fans are just a bunch of Wild Irresponsible Drunken Buffoons”
adding plenty of fuel to the fire for the next Gumby/Pokey game in 2020.

My First WIDB Reunion


big guy #28

I would love to tell you that networking is the reason that you should go to the WIDB Reunion this year, but the truth is that you should go because it is a lot of fun!

I decided to go to the WIDB 35th Anniversary Reunion in 2005 because of two reasons.
I was the newly elected General Manager and I really wanted a weekend off work.
I was excited, but also nervous to meet a group of people who were more experienced and accomplished than me. I was still a freshman at the time.

WIDB was incredibly important to me and I wanted to make sure to impress our alumni. When I arrived at Pinch Penny on Friday night and saw dozens of animated people wearing WIDB reunion credentials, l sensed a passion about WIDB among all of us that I thought only I felt.

Big Guy #8

We were all at the station on Saturday morning, where I heard some inspiring stories about the WIDB of the past. Stories about the riots, how WIDB sold $60,000 in one year, and conspiracies to get rid of GM’s were surprising. Later that day we played softball during the picnic at Giant City and basically enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was sunny and hot but there was shade and plenty of Ice-cold drinks, including beer kegs.

kandi #21

Everyone gathered for a large banquet dinner at Giant City. After dinner I had to give a speech about the station and what my plans were. I kept thinking to myself how this was my chance to impress everyone, but I did the opposite.
I gave the worst speech ever. I was so nervous,
but the majority of the alums continued to be very welcoming and kind to me.

What I am trying to say is that my experience at the WIDB Reunion was fantastic. I met so many fun people and I learned a lot about the station. I also learned a lot about the best way to attend this event. If you go to Lalapalooza, you have to have a plan. Same here.

vic #0

First, stay at Giant City. Almost all events are there, the cabins are great, and if you get organized and split a cabin it’s reasonable. Starting at noon, Saturday, it’s picnic, rest time, open bar, dinner, pool party, bonfires, sunrise, breakfast, all at Giant City. No driving—walk to everything!

cave #73

In 2005, I spent a lot of time driving back and forth from C’dale to Giant City. You may think it’s close but it takes almost an hour, round trip. If you go to the picnic, then come back to shower, go to the dinner, then drive someone back, come for the pool party, then go back to C’dale to sleep, then come for breakfast, that’s about four hours on the road in 24 hours. I will be spending these four hours in Giant City, this time. I’m getting a cabin. I’m psyched for a good time!

Second, reserve early—immediately! The cabins go fast. Everybody knows how cool the cabins are. You have to pay for at least one cabin (two nights) and one reunion fee to get a cabin. You may think it’s a lot to lay out this far in advance, but believe me, it’s worth it. No one else is allowed to stay in Giant City when we’re there, and we have exclusive use of the pool for the weekend.

Linton #17

Third, believe that you have something in common with everyone there—old and older—caring about WIDB and how it brings all kinds of people together.
All these people I met cared about what I had to say and what was happening at WIDB.

Vic #39

Many people might tell you that the reason to attend the reunion next year is to network with a large base of successful alums; I can’t say that I disagree,
but I wouldn’t bank on getting a job just by showing up. Everyone will agree that it helps to meet as many people as you can because you never know who will help you out.
At the reunion, the “meeting” is mixed in with the partying.

Believe it or not, even I am looking forward to partying with these old guys!
I missed a lot last time (driving back & forth so much) so I’m determined
to get my share this time!
It only happens once in five years, so use any excuse you can to make sure that you are at the 2015 WIDB Reunion. Take it from me it is going to be a great time!

Zippy #47


Reunion Offers Cool Southern Illinois Adventures

By Maria E. Bernardi
Experienced Recreationist

June will be here before we know it, and if the WIDB 45th Anniversary Reunion
June 26, 27, 28 is not enough to drag yourself back to Southern Illinois,
Consider tacking on a side ”trip.”

In the old days, “exploring Southern Illinois” meant making it to the spillway. But those of us “in the know” have found some special places that could lead to cool adventures for you.

Let me take you down cos I’m going to…

Giant City is in the Shawnee National Forest, but here is a new way to explore—
not on foot or by car, nor by plane or helicopter.  Now you can explore via treetops on the Canopy Tour, using bridges, platforms and zip lines!  Could be exciting!

Zip line

 See video at shawneezip.com.

If keeping feet on ground is preferred, the Shawnee Wine Trail covers much of the area.  There are tastings, scenic vistas, and tours.

S Illinois Wine Trail Map

winery photo 02 winery photo 01


If the spirit moves you, Bald Knob Cross may appeal.
Located in Alto Pass, the cross can be seen for miles and offers a scenic view from its base, where “Peace hope, faith and charity” are inscribed.

Pine Hills ViewBaldKnobcross.com

Close to Garden of the Gods (a great place in itself)…

Garden of the Gods sunset

…are the Treehouse Cabins.
They sleep 2-6 and allow you to be part of the forest among the birds.
A unique experience in the trees with completely modern cabins.



There’s the McCracken County Fair June 19-25 in Paducah (Kentucky, remember, near  Monkey’s Eyebrow).  Then there’s the Bootheel Bluegrass Festival in Cape Girardeau June 22-24 (that’s in Missouri, where Rush was from, remember).

The Reunion could be just the motivation to double your fun!
Why not include a side trip and make a vacation of it!
As you are zipping thru the trees (or sipping on the wine) in the Shawnee National Forest, you’ll be glad you did!

Reunion rate will increase before February 1st

Reunion Accommodations

WIDB 45th Anniversary Reunion Now Set For June 26-28, 2015 in Giant City, C’Dale

Zippy #1

June 26-27-28, 2015
Reunite with WIDB’ers past and present at he 45th WIDB Anniversary Reunion in Carbondale and Giant City June 26, 27, 28, 2015!
We have secured all Giant City Cabins for this event!  Lodging is also available in C’dale.

Here is a tentative schedule of events:

Fryday June 26, 2015:


3-6 pm  Check in at Giant City


8pm-?  Informal gathering at Pinch Penny Pub; check-in there also.

Saturday June 27, 2015

030 VSL_2000_x_x_x_Vic_x_x_Chuck_MaryLous_

7am  Breakfast at Mary Lou’s  (Free Biscuits & gravy for reunioners)


8am  Smokie Linx Golf Teeoff

068_DBS_2010_DanM_MattJ_LucasM_Lydia_ Station

8:30am-11am Open House at WIDB (Student Center)


11:30am-3pm Picnic at Giant City w/kegs-o-beer, grilled and cold food, softball, etc.

3pm-5pm Halftime (breathe!)


5pm-6pm  Cocktail hour: open bar at Giant City Lodge lounge

150_DBS_2010_banquet 01

6pm Banquet Dinner at Giant City

158_DBS_2010_Gary_LucasM 02_banquet

7:30pm  Brief award presentation


8:15 pm-2am  Pool party Giant City Pool w/more kegs-o-beer, food, music, etc.

Sunday June 28, 2015

9am  Breakfast at Giant City

10:20am Last call for breakfast

Noon  Check out

12:30pm  Optional trip to Cape Girardeau for Cajun seafood

2pm-?  Optional party at Misunderstudio, Murphysboro.

169_DBS_2010_The Gang 01

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Keep checking this site for Reunion Sign-Up announcements.
This will include Giant City cabin reservation info for Reunion weekend.