Gatsby’s: Random Thoughts

By Mark Slaga
Slaga Gatsbys 2
I never understood the attraction of watching some guy spin records.
But it was kinda neat.

Kent Lewin, his face a mask of horror reminiscent of “The Scream,” crouched in the corner nursing a Coke and running he board, cringing as he opened my mic.
I think I broke him in for Steve Dahl.

Slaga Gatsbys 3

Owner Jim Winfree, thought I was bopping his girlfriend.  What a Clown!  But he was right.

Telling a dope joke about getting busted, making fun of my probation officer.
Halfway through the bit I notice he is sitting at the bar shaking his head.

Audience members were always trying to give me dope.  They were usually successful.

It’s 2:30 am Sat.
I’m in the parking lot behind the bookstore loading album crates in my car.
Fifteen minutes earlier, Jim Winfree stuck his gun in my face.
2 guys who were regular audience members are stumbling through the lot,
and they asked me if I wanted to get high…………Duh!

One guy pulls out about 3 grams of MDA (back when it was real). He dumps it out and hands me a straw.  Being accustomed to a certain dosage, I naturally assumed the large pile was for me.  Much to the astonishment of my newfound benefactors.

Let’s cut to Monday morning, 54 hours later. (God I miss MDA).  For some ungodly reason,
I find myself in an auditorium sitting in on a Basic Ratio/Television lecture.
As I begin to sober up and re-enter reality, I realize that there is a full blown debate/discussion about censorship, FCC power, ethics, morality and profanity.
Ten minutes after sobering up I realize that they are talking about the Gatsby’s show
and asking the professor how could this be on the air.

Finally one little dweeb (who is probably a network executive today)
passionately asks in a plaintive cry:
“How can we, as responsible broadcasters, allow this to happen?
Can’t we control it?
What can we do?”

I had had just about enough and besides, the bars were opening.
I stood up and yelled:


I hit the bar, had some Bloody Marys,
went to the station and slept on the couch for 12 hours.

Slega Gatsby 855
The Slaga Stare


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