It’s 6:30!!!

and time for…Hot Spotts in Carbondale

Episode II – “Boating On Campus Lake”

The last of the Rankin live – Hot Spotts carted show (sort of – at the end of the segment Rankin graciously invited me into the studio “LIVE”). From that point on all HSIC epsiodes would be live in studio.  The patented Hot Spotts theme anthem makes its debut.  Jamberg, K2 (Ken Krause) and Mitch all made huge contributions to the opening theme.  The creating the theme in the production studio took about 2 hours and I cut myself at least twice slicing reel tape.

Major help with the sound bite ideas and production by Floss Daily (Pete Jacobs).

Inspired by SCTV, cardboard boat races and quaffing warm Moosehead Beer on the porch of the Caddyshack shaking and quaking as semi trucks roll past on Highway 13.  Yes my house really did shake and creak when semi’s hit a crack in the street just the right way!!   Again bear with us as these episodes really do get much better after this one…

How “Hot Spotts In Carbondale” began

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