Giant City – Same As it Ever Was

Zippy #1

If you are reading this and have no memories of Giant City there are two possibilities:

a. Your brain was addled when there; or
b. You were never there.

For years, WIDB’ers fantasized about taking over the university. Now, seasoned IDB’ers can take over something more exciting—Giant City State Park—for one weekend.

Zippy #14

Remember leaving your dorm and piling onto an SIU bus (with kegs) and meeting other busses from the opposite-sex dorm there? How about “Fat Man’s Squeeze?” “Old Stone Fort?” Remember the huge tower, next to the lodge?

Giant City State Park, built largely in the 1930’s by CCC (Government) workers, is in the Shawnee National Forest and features 34 motel-like cabins, built or remodeled in the 1980’s, all with air-conditioners, private baths, and satellite TV. All cabins are reserved for us. All cabins are surrounded by trees and grass and have porches and outdoor chairs to languish on. There are two decent-sized swimming pools (kidee and 40’), which are reserved for us.

Zippy #8

Acke #15

Giant City cabins are steps away (walking) from most reunion events. It is a safe place to stay. Giant City also features camping, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, climbing and rappelling.

So, show up and lounge at the pool all day with your tropical drink (late June, remember)! Or, pick a trail and get lost in the woods (the GC Lodge will pack you a lunch for just this purpose). Or, attend any or all reunion events.

Lange #16

Or you could do all of these things. Many add extra days before or after, to spend more time in Giant City.

Zippy #39

I remember when some called Carbondale “the armpit of the nation.” Those people never had a bad word for Giant City. And it is now the same as it ever was.

Lange #11