Remember the 2005 Reunion?

By Randy Lynch


Remember the 2005 reunion? Me neither…but evidence exists…

Fortifying ourselves at the Giant City Lodge before the check-in commenced; we start a little fuzzy, so the festivities bring things into focus.

Nancy Lynch, Randy Lynch, Gary Goldblatt, Vic Lentini
As you can see here at check-in central, Maria missed the fortification, kinda fuzzy; I’m now in focus.

Gary, Maria Bernardi, Randy and someone on the far right wearing a lampshade already.
Focus isn’t the only issue we address.

Al Linton, Randy and John Spotts begin post check-in festivities while technicians work out a new bug.
YT is brought in to balance the color.

Mike Lescelius, John and Randy surfing the line between post check-in and pre Pinch Penny.
The Friday night party at Pinch Penny is a reunion staple.

Brian Plaut, Al and Randy in full swing; even “Fuzzy” is in focus.

Vic, Nancy, Al Linton, Al Levy, Brian Colin, Kerry Peace and some of Steve Mitchell

Saturday morning of reunion weekend is filled with a variety of activities, including golf, breakfast at Mary Lou’s, “air” time at the station…I don’t do any of those. Instead, I get up early and stake out the pavilion for the picnic, usually with some accompaniment from Al Levy and/or Tony Esposito. But in ‘05 I assured them I had it under control, they need not show at 6am. So when Al called me at 7am to tell me that someone had already arrived to save our pavilion (not ‘IDB folk), I spent my morning moving picnic tables and trying to set up an ad hoc picnic site near our usual pavilion. Surprisingly, there are no photos of this.

While Saturday morning is willy nilly, the afternoon picnic is another staple. And despite the lack of a pavilion, the picnic rocked as usual.

Steve Mitchell, Randy, Kandi Kline, Richard Milne and John Amberg standing. Kandi, Rich and John look jealously at the pavilion. John thinks they’re playing quarters.
Ed Kasovic, Al, John, Randy and Tom Piazza.
Softball was played despite it being hot…I mean like Africa hot. Made us delirious.


This being the show that never ends, we must have something to do between the picnic and happy hour.

The pool! Vic, Tom, Gary, Randy and Terry Shaughnessy all not ogling Maria…at this particular moment.
John, Chuck Bourgeois, Randy and Bob Acke. These guys need a happy hour???
In the interest of minimizing petty law suits, pictures from happy hour are not included.

The banquet seems to be the time when each reunion hits its stride. Everyone’s been doing their individual reunions for a day now, and it’s time to make it a shared experience.

You know these folks by now.
My wife Nancy is named Queen of WIDB. Or else she’s getting ready to do a handstand…

Post banquet, John, Chuck and Randy pay homage to Chris Bourgeois,
fully krausened again.

OK, OK, you get the picture(s). With minimal effort it’s easy to recall what fun the reunions are. There is every reason to want to do this again. You don’t need to see more pictures of the pool party, the midnight view from the tower, the red-eyed Sunday breakfast or the pool party at YT’s to realize that it’s almost time again. Every five years is not too often to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Well, two out of three, anyway…

Was this too Randy/1980-centric to capture your fancy? Then go check out the archives, EVERYONE was there!

The heavy lifting has begun. Don’t miss the liftoff.
And a chance to be as happy as this guy.

Yes, he’s tired. But softball and a fattie make for a good kind of tired.


See you there next time!!