WIDB Is On The Air

After 11 years of student efforts, and over two years of Jerry Chabrian’s relentless campaign for an official student station that was really student run, WIDB signed on from Wright I basement Sunday April 12, 1970 at 1 pm.  There was a crowd at the station.
There had been a publicity build-up for weeks, with posters all over town and campus as well as articles in the Egyptian.  Less than 45 days earlier, the Wright I activity room had been empty.  Now there were walls, windows, air conditioners, equipment and lots of wires.  It had been a tremendous manic effort.  Many who were there such as Tom Scheithe, Howie Karlan, and Charlie Muren are no longer with us.  But the fire that burned within them still burns within us.

1970_04_12 Sign On

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